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It isn't clear that men who prefer to keep their skulls clean-shaven or don't have hair in the first place really needed a special dating app, but they might be grateful to learn about Bald. Dating anyway. It is exactly what it says: A site that seeks to hook chrome domes up with others who are into smooth-shaven pates. Inside Hook's Kayla Kibbe has more :. But according to Minns, anti-bald stigma remains prevalent on mainstream dating apps.

18 Guys You’ll Inevitably Meet On Dating Apps

Guys, Stop "Hatfishing" to Hide Your Bald Spot

N ot to split hairs, but it seems like every other week a new niche dating site or hookup app is being launched somewhere, appealing to a specific sub-section of humanity. This time, an app that helps bald men find matches OR helps women who like sexy smoothness of a hairless head— and believe us, these women exist, hello Acomophilia. David Minns, the founder of Bald Dating App, is no stranger to niche dating apps , particularly those that cater to male insecurities. He is also the founder of Dinky One , a dating app that caters to men with smaller-than-average penises and the women that prefer them or could care less. The Bald Dating app is open to anyone who is bald or has thinning hair and those who prefer their potential mates that way. Photos on the app are not mandatory though you can add up to nine , and users are able to contact other users immediately no swiping based on location, age, gender, sexuality, and descriptions personal interests.

Guys, Stop "Hatfishing" to Hide Your Bald Spot

Yes, gentlemen, your bald heads are sexy , and yes, ladies especially those of you who never considered it , dating a bald guy has some perks of which you probably never even thought. Researchers think that being bald could also do wonders in the bedroom. The more testosterone a man has, the thinner his hair.
A few dates followed. Damn, was I shocked. This practice is often used in photos on dating apps. Like most popular dating slang, the term appeared on Urban Dictionary back in , and trend pieces about the habit followed, including a piece from The Cut sympathizing with hatfishers.

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