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I guess you have had the chance to read about it in several places along the day. You can read about Bockscar in the site of the museum, here. Full size replica of atomic bomb Little Boy, launched over Hiroshima on August 6, See here its virtual tour. Find the link here.

The Enola Gay

Why didn't Bock get to fly his own bomber, Bockscar?

On 6 August , during the final stages of World War II, it became the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb. The bomb, code-named " Little Boy ", was targeted at the city of Hiroshima , Japan, and caused unprecedented destruction. Enola Gay participated in the second atomic attack as the weather reconnaissance aircraft for the primary target of Kokura. Clouds and drifting smoke resulted in Nagasaki being bombed instead. It was flown to Kwajalein for the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests in the Pacific, but was not chosen to make the test drop at Bikini Atoll.

Why didn't Bock get to fly his own bomber, Bockscar?

An explosive nuclear chain reaction occurs when a sufficient quantity of nuclear fuel, such as uranium or plutonium, is brought together to form a critical mass. This is the minimum amount of fissionable material needed to start a chain reaction. The chain reaction starts when neutrons strike the heavy uranium or plutonium nucleus which splits releasing a tremendous amount of energy along with two or more neutrons which, in turn split more nuclei, and so on.
The Enola Gay was part of a second batch of fifteen improved Silverplate bombers built between February and June The Enola Gay 's complete serial number BMO, indicated that it was a B built at the Martin Omaha plant built in block 45, and was ordered in fiscal year The Enola Gay arrived on Tinian on 6 July Prior to flying the first atomic combat mission the Enola Gay flew eight practice missions from Tinian, then two conventional bombing missions over Japan using the pound "pumpkin" high explosive bomb, designed to simulate the characteristics of the Fat Man bomb. On 31 July the Enola Gay carried out a practice drop of the Little Boy weapon, dropping bomb unit L6 which was a complete bomb lacking only the highly enriched uranium to make it active.

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