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The similarities between the Pats QB and the fictional Haver were blatant. Hilarious,but blatant. The downside- I guess the producers couldn't find a Brazilian supermodel and had to settle for your average sorority girl. Too bad- I would've have liked to have seen "Gisele's" hissyfit. This show has deteriorated into a hopeless mess.

Nathan Phelps

All Things Law And Order: Law & Order SVU “Service” Recap & Review

In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad, known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. Detective Stabler and his new temporary partner use her cell phone to trace calls made from it on the day of the attack, and find an overweight brother and sister who are found to have commited the crime. They say the reason is for revenge on the girl for making fun of and attacking their older brother Rudy for being fat. Jessica denies this story, and says she has no idea who they even are. The siblings claim that their brother was walking on his way home from work one day, and he got tired, so he sat on a bench in the park, and fell asleep. Jessica and her friend Tommy see him, and attack him, stealing his baseball cap.

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From diehard fans to the casual viewer, chances are anyone who watches television has seen an episode of the ubiquitous franchise and had an opinion on the relationships within it. The original series tended to focus primarily on the criminal investigations, concluding in dramatic court scenes showcasing the pursuit of justice. Whereas the burnout rate for most SVU detectives is 4 years, they proved that with the right partner, even the most difficult aspects of the job could be weathered.
Monica Phelps is found dead in her apartment and her son Nathan is found hiding in the closet behind her body. The detectives soon link Monica's death to philanthropist Ted Carthage, who runs an organization dedicated to helping women get off the streets. Benson is certain that Carthage is the killer, but a shaky ID from Nathan puts him back on the street. After Nathan kills Carthage himself, Sophie Devere argues that Nathan committed the killing because he saw Carthage shoot his mother something the gun manufacturers don't like. Carthage is revealed to have in fact been the killer of Nathan's mother and testimony by Benson moves Novak who's sympathetic but unable to really do anything to offer the plea bargain, but the gun manufacturers, through Carthage's wife launches a civil suit to prevent this with Novak, Devere and Judge Donnelly as the defendants.

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