shroudBNC survey

In our continued effort to improve shroudBNC we'd like you to fill in our questionnaire which will subsequently be evaluated by us and used for planning future features and versions of our software.

1. How do you use shroudBNC?

2. How did you hear about shroudBNC?

3. Which operating system are you using for shroudBNC?

4. How many user accounts do you intend to use with shroudBNC?

5. How difficult was installing shroudBNC for you?

6. Did you find the included documentation (README, etc.) useful?

7. Did you previously use another bouncer software? (select the most recently used one from the list)

8. Are you using any custom TCL scripts?

9. Are you using the (official) web interface?

10. Are you using "virtual" administrators/groups (as supported by virtual.tcl)?

11. Are there any features you're missing in shroudBNC?

12. Please add any other comments about shroudBNC here: