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We proud ourselves on our knowledge of family law, and related matters in relation to South African Law. This includes issues and questions surrounding child custody, divorce and child maintenance. Feel free to browse through this question and answers sections below. Should you not find the answer to a child custody question you are looking for, feel free to post your child custody question at the bottom of this post. It means that the child primarily resides with you. For example, the child will only visit the other parent every second weekend.

How to Recognize If He Is Interested in You

12 Reasons Why He Won't Call You His Girlfriend | HuffPost Life

John Hollywood writes about pop culture with a psychological twist; his articles are practical in nature with a "how-to" approach. Scorpio men can be hard to read, but they have their patterns. Chase Fade. Are your attracted to a Scorpio man? Are you involved with a Scorpio male who sends mixed signals, like being super passionate one minute and seemingly disconnected the next? Do you gravitate towards this sign for inexplicable reasons? In the material that follows, I'm going to share with you several well-kept secrets about Scorpios.

11 Signs He's Not Headed Toward a Relationship With You

What does this mean for our future? For our marriage? For our kids?
You need strength, courage, and a plan. What your individual plan looks like depends on your specific circumstances, relationship, financial situation, health and spiritual foundation. But, one thing is the same for every woman who needs help leaving a relationship when she has nothing and nowhere to go: Hope. You need hope that you can do this, that you can get of of a painful, unhealthy or dead relationship.

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