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I am looking for a dating service that deals in Christian Domestic Discipline where Charistian singles can find dates. Does anyone know of a dating service where others poeple are looking for the same thing? Instead of looking for dating sites why not try to ask girls which is in your place who also look the same thing as yours. Approach them and ask for a date. I am not quite sure what you mean by 'Christian Domestic Discipline' but I've heard of www. One of the reasons so many women are turning their backs on Christianity and the high numbers of divorce is because of the belief that many men have that they have the right to rule over their wives and women in general.

An Inside Look at Domestic Discipline and Its Abuse of Power

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One of the fundamental features of a Domestic Discipline marriage is that husbands are responsible for setting rules and guidelines, and delivering correction if those rules are broken. There are a variety of punishments that can be used within a CDD or DD marriage — time out, writing assignments, and more which I will blog about soon. One of the most common consequences — and most controversial — is spanking. Spankings are a common consequence in Christian Domestic Discipline marriages because they work!

christian domestic discipline dating

Christian domestic discipline relationship where the woman gets spanked for reasons we both agree on. I was just blocked for asking a gifl this question. I dont understand why.
Shortly after learning about domestic discipline, either through the power of imagination or the internet few people learn from friends , some find it very attractive and want to know where they can find someone to spank or be spanked by. It may seem like a difficult task in a society that either does not talk about spanking, or looks down on it. I suspect that most people learning about it and wanting to have it in their lives go to spanking singles websites, or perhaps spanking forums where they might meet interested men or women. What you need to do is go about looking for a good future husband or wife, and later plan on discipline for your marriage.

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