Are you having problems with installing or running shroudBNC?

In case you have not found a solution in the README files which are contained in the shroudBNC .tar.gz you can try the following support methods:

Our wiki provides information about setting up shroudBNC and frequently asked questions.
Do you want to discuss your feature requests or shroudBNC problems with others? This might just be the right place for that.
#sbnc @
There's usually someone available at our IRC channel who can help you with your questions.
As a last resort (after you've tried all the other options) you can also send us an e-mail. However it will take us a while to respond as we are usually busy doing other things.

We offer a lot of support for shroudBNC - however you can also support us:

Survey Filling out the survey only takes a minute and will give you an opportunity to voice your opinion about shroudBNC.
Donations Donations will help me to keep working on this project.
Report bugs Did you find a bug? Let us know about it so we can fix it.

Are you looking for a specific script? Maybe someone has already written something similar. Try the following script archives:

AvilonTcl shroudBNC script repository (including bug/feature tracker and wiki) TCL scripts for shroudBNC (work in progress)